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TPO – According to the plan on strengthening the management of Hoi An Ancient Town Tour Guide activities that has just been issued, all visitors entering the ancient town of Hoi An are required to buy entrance tickets. Particularly, local people will be assigned a separate path.

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On April 3, talking with Tien Phong , Mr. Nguyen Van Son – Chairman of Hoi An City People’s Committee (Quang Nam) said that the City People’s Committee has just issued a plan on strengthening the management of guiding activities. Visit Hoi An Ancient Town .
The plan is to be implemented from 15/5. Accordingly, Hoi An will apply the mandatory requirement to buy entrance tickets at ticket counters before entering Hoi An ancient town for all domestic and foreign tourists.

Ticket price is 80,000 VND/ticket for domestic tourists and 120,000 VND/ticket for international visitors. The operating time of ticket sales to visit the Old Quarter is from 7:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m., daily in the summer, until 9 p.m. in the winter.

The functional forces will divide the aisles at the main roads into the Old Quarter. Accordingly, there will be 2 separate paths, including one for locals and one for tourists.

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Hoi An will separate 2 paths while the old town, one for tourists and one for locals.

The leader of Hoi An city said that the compulsory purchase of tickets for all visitors when visiting Hoi An ancient town is to ensure fairness for locals and tourists.
“Visitors entering the Old Quarter must buy tickets. Because according to the decision to recognize Hoi An ancient town as a world cultural heritage, the whole landscape of the old town is a heritage, not just a single relic. Moreover, the revenue from the sale of entrance tickets serves to restore the heritage , improve the infrastructure in the old town, to organize tourism events, as well as to support people in the restoration and renovation of the old quarter. create house. All funding for that implementation comes from ticket revenue. Therefore, all visitors when visiting Hoi An Ancient Town are responsible for purchasing tickets. In case people and tourists stay in Hoi An for a long time, they will have a plan to identify themselves and have their own way,” explained Mr. Son.

In addition, for those who enter the Old Quarter for the purpose of working at business establishments, the restaurant will also not charge a fee, but that unit must ensure that its customers enter the old town for the right purpose, If the inspection finds that there is a visit, this restaurant or business unit will be fined.
According to the leaders of Hoi An city, the fact that tourists come to Hoi An without buying tickets for a long time not only causes a loss of revenue for the city but also affects the tourists who have to buy tickets who are disadvantaged by having to jostle.
“Many tourists come without buying tickets but still enjoy other tourism products such as watching Bai Choi, enjoying Old Town Night activities but don’t contribute anything, even littering and forcing Hoi An to bear the burden. Moreover, if tourists are allowed to flow like this without buying tickets, they will still jostle and affect other tourists coming to Hoi An who want to admire the scenery of the old town. reflect,” said Mr. Son.
The People’s Committee of Hoi An city assigns the Center for Culture – Sports and Radio – Television of Hoi An City to organize tour guiding activities in the Old Quarter, will coordinate with agencies and departments. Relevant localities implement specific contents.
To implement this plan, from now until May 15, Hoi An city will hold a press conference to inform, meet all travel agencies, Minh An ward will also hold a meeting with all people to inform. information, implementation guide.

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