1. How do I search for my holiday with AFS Travel?

From our webpage, you can do a search from the search box with our given hints or browse from all tours in the Destination offers. If you already have in mind your rough ideas or having a preferential itinerary from your friends, email us and share with us all the details you are expecting or put those comments in our Chat box on the right bottom of our website. Our travel consultant will study from there and get back to you with the most suitable and matching proposal or recommendation.

2. Will I be traveling on a private tour or in a group?

Most of our tours are on a private basis so it is just you, your family or your group of friends and with the local guide. By traveling on a private basis you are less obtrusive when visiting local villages and to tour with the highest level of flexibility. You can really decide on what you want to see and cut out anything that is no longer of your interest. After all, it is your holiday and valuable time so please make sure you get the most out of it. For some people who love to socializing or interacting with others, our travel consultant can recommend a few days tour here & there to join in a small group so you can have a good mixture of experiences between private tour and group tour in your 2-3 week vacation.

3. Does AFS Travel offers day trip or short excursion?

Apart from a well-built 2-3 weeks package trips or personalized journeys, we do offer a single day tour or a short excursion. Let’s browse your search from our website or contact our travel consultant and get the most updated proposal. We realize that most of the day trip or day tour is booked at urgent manner before departure so we will make sure the availability and let you know the soonest. Once it is confirmed, we will email you back and ask for full payment.

4. Do I need to pay the deposit?

The deposit is required to guarantee your reservation such as flights, tours, hotels, transfers…etc, so it is a necessity.After receiving your deposit, we start to reserve and book the services for you. Normally, 30% – 50% of total cost will be required for deposit at the booking time. For some urgent cases or at the splash of promotion offered, we will require full payment at the booking time. The deposit is generally made by credit card online or bank transfer method.
Depend on the amount of payment, our travel consultant will suggest the best option for you.

5. How can I make final payment or settle the remaining balance?

Credit card online via OnePay secured payment link: This is a secured online payment and 100% safe. Our consultant will ask for some details from you as; name in full of card-holder, address, email then create a payment link for you. You just open this link and settle the payment. Besides, for remaining payment if you are agreed to pay on arrival, we will make it settled via portable POS at our office or at your hotel. Often, a 3% banking service fee is charged by the bank for the foreign transaction and this is not a hidden fee. We do not put this fee in our tour quotation to you.

Bank transfer: For a large amount of payment, the travel consultant will suggest you doing a bank transfer to save your credit card fee. Please be noted that all fees arise are due to the payer. Please contact the travel consultant and enquire adequate information to proceed with your bank transfer.

Cash: Though full payment has to be settled before the trip starts, we do have some exceptions after being agreed between you and the travel consultant. Cash can be USD, AUD, EUR, and VND. If you make the payment by VND, the rate of exchange from the bank at the time of payment will be applied. Most of the cases, payment by cash is done right on your first destination arrival, whether it is Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia or Vietnam. The travel consultant will let you know in detail prior to your arrival.

6. What is OnePay? Is this safe and trusted?

OnePay is a designated agent by Visa/Master/American Express who is secured and work as the middle person between Visa/Master, you and Indochina Voyages. When we have your name in full (card holder), your address, your email and phone number, a secured and encrypted payment link will be created and sent to you via email. After your successful payment, your computer or phone’s screen also comes up with a confirmation of payment being successfully paid.

7. How will I receive my travel documents?

As soon as your booking is confirmed and full payment has been made, we will email you a completed service voucher including a detailed final itinerary, all hotels to be used and all airline tickets (if any). Some services like the train, puppet show…etc which only issued 1-2 days before departure, the travel consultant will have them delivered to your hotel on arrival or give them to your tour guide or driver to hand you.

8. What if I need to cancel or change my itinerary?

For all bookings, you will need to understand our terms and conditions on the website and also stated in your proposed itinerary. This clearly states our cancellation policy. We insist that all our clients have adequate travel insurance that covers them for cancellation and curtailment. If you wish to change your itinerary after full payment has been made, we will try our best to accommodate any changes but it depends on each individual supplier so we will take that case by case and stand on the side of the customer.

9. What happen if something goes wrong?

With the detailed plan or well-arranged services, it is very limited for anything to go wrong. But if something is taken out of our hands or something of an incident, please contact the travel consultant right away by phone, I-mess, Viber, Messenger or email. If you are on a day trip with guide & driver, you can always ask them for preliminary help. If something goes beyond their ability, then they will definitely call our office for further assistance. Not to worry, it has been our verified procedure. We also ensure that we have your emergency contact information for someone at home so they can be contacted if necessary.

10. Does anything else I need to concern when traveling with AFS Travel?

No, you just make it a “Go” and we will travel with you. Every time we have client arrive, the travel consultant and the rest of the team are eager as we are welcoming friend from overseas. That is how you can imagine that your trip is well reserved and followed every step of the way and we keep connect with you very often just to make sure, you are enjoying the destinations, enjoying our services.

11. Is there a specific time of year I should avoid travelling around Vietnam?

The months of April and May can be extremely hot. Some areas, such as Central Vietnam, experience storms and floods in the late rainy season. Also, during the Tet festivities many businesses tend to be closed, which can be an inconvenience to travellers with a shortage of time.

12. Is there a dress code for certain attractions in Vietnam?

When visiting religious sites, the countryside and the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, you should dress modestly with your shoulders and knees covered. Remember to remove your hat when entering a temple or pagoda.

13. Is it easy to find vegetarian food in Vietnam?

Vietnam is one of the most vegetarian-friendly countries in the world. Vegan dishes can be more challenging to find (as Vietnamese love their fish sauce) but desserts are often vegan by default.

14. Does AFS Travel have family trips?

AFS Travel offers a wide range of Family Adventures around Vietnam and Southeast Asia. The minimum age (for Family trips) varies depending on destination, and AFS Travel has set minimum ages to ensure that the included activities suit each age range. Please view our family adventures for more information.

15. What will the food be like on my trip?

Food is one of the most exciting parts of travel. There may be some familiar fare but often you’ll be confronted with the new, interesting and downright weird of the culinary world but we like to think of it as an adventure for all the senses. In addition to this, our flexible itineraries often allow you to eat with the group or branch out on your own – this means you can eat to suit any budget or desire.

16. Is tipping commonplace in other parts of the world?

Yes, in most places tipping is expected. At your welcome meeting, ask your leader about the local custom and advice on how much is recommended at restaurants or with local guides.
At the end of your trip, if you’re happy with the service you received, providing a tip for the leader – though not compulsory – is appropriate. While it may not be customary to you, it’s of great significance to the people who will take care of you during your travels, inspires excellent service, and is an entrenched feature of the tourism industry across many destinations.

17. Who is eligible for an e-Visa?

Vietnam is currently launching a pilot e-Visa system for citizens from 80 countries.


18. How long does it take to obtain an e-Visa?

An e-Visa is processed within 03-05 working days after the Vietnam Immigration Department receives the completed application and full e-Visa fee.

19. How long is an e-Visa valid for?

An e-Visa is single entry and valid for amaximum of 30 days.

20. What is the minimum passport expiry date required to apply for an e-Visa?

According to Vietnam Law, the visa expiry date must be at least 30 days before the passport expiry date. Therefore, an e-Visa expiry date must also be at least 30 days before the passport expiry date.