Ruc Mon Cave – A little-known gem in the heart of Quang Binh 2024

Thiet ke chua co ten

Nestled among Minh Hoa mountains and forests, Quang Binh province, Ruc Mon cave possesses mysterious and impressive beauty, attracting visitors to explore and challenge their limits.

Stretching from Trung Hoa commune to Hoa Son commune (Minh Hoa district, Quang Binh province), Ruc Mon is a cave with a length of 2,862 m, the height of the cave ceiling is about 300 m. To explore and fully experience Ruc Mon cave, visitors can choose a 2D1N trekking itinerary or a day trip.

This is a cave through the mountains with two main gates located in Trung Hoa commune and Hoa Son commune. To reach the mouth of the cave, visitors have to go through a trekking journey of about 2 km. The road to the door in Hoa Son is considered more difficult, in return for the impressive scenery.

Ruc Mon Cave Quang Binh
Ruc Mon Cave, Quang Binh

The cave has a length of 2,863 m, the ceiling of the cave is more than 300 m high, in the cave there are many underground rivers flowing around. The cave is called Ruc Mon because this used to be the residence of the Ruc ethnic people and “Wear” means traces of people who used to stay here. Ruc Mon means the dwelling place of the Ruc people. This cave system consists of dry caves and wet caves. Participants will have to go hiking, swim through the entrance, cross several rivers and currents including those in the cave with the help of ropes.

The journey takes you from surprise to surprise when looking at the pillars of stalactites with many interesting shapes, emerald green calcium lakes. In particular, the cave ceiling area is large with many colors, when illuminated by lights, creating a scene like standing under the Milky Way.

Thiet ke chua co ten
The shimmering beauty of Ruc Mon cave

Swimming, immersing yourself in cool water is one of the experiences not to be missed when exploring Ruc Wear. The back door of the cave, where the jade green water gently drifts, this is the ideal place to rest and play after a long time moving. Participants are introduced to the cave by swimming in the cave and exploring the lower floors of the cave. The water here is always a clear green, clearly visible bottom when it is not raining.

An important destination is to conquer Foggy Stalactite Mountain which is more than 400 m high. At this height, the entire cave ceiling is covered with a dense, mysterious layer of fog. Here, visitors are guided by guides and a team of safety assistants to use protective ropes and belts to climb the mountain safely.

Thiet ke chua co ten 1
Explore Ruc Mon cave

The deeper you go, the easier it is to see the stalactite columns that have been in the process of forming. There are even stalactite columns that because they cannot bear their own weight but collapse, increasing the difficulty for the explorer, it takes a lot of strength to overcome these passages.

Thiet ke chua co ten 2
Tourists explore Ruc Mon cave

The fossilized snake grave area and Foggy Stalactite Mountain all year round are covered with dense fog that brings mystery, attracting visitors. The snake grave is located near the cave ceiling, so people have to “climb in the cave” to reach this area. The terrain here is wet all year round, slippery, the journey is quite long, to ensure safety and have the best experience, visitors participating in the tour must be in good health, no history of cardiovascular and bone diseases. The tour to explore Ruc Mon cave is classified by the organizer as difficult level 4/4.

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