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No need for Thailand Pass and Covid-19 insurance, traveling to Thailand is as simple as before the epidemic

According to a source from the Bangkok Post, a senior Thai government spokesman announced that from July 1, the country will officially remove the regulation that requires people entering Thailand to have a Thailand Pass. by air) and Covid-19 insurance.
People entering Thailand from the beginning of July only need to present a certificate of vaccination or a negative test result for Covid-19. If the above documents are not available, travelers will be randomly tested for PCR at the airport.

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Despite the removal of the Thailand Pass requirement for entry, the registration system is still active for use in situations where travelers are suspected of having Covid-19 or other infectious diseases.

In addition to removing the Thailand Pass, international visitors entering Thailand also do not need to buy Covid-19 insurance. The CCSA also stopped making face masks mandatory in public, only requiring them to be used indoors. Temperature stations have also been removed at border checkpoints.

From now until July 1, visitors entering the Golden Temple country are still required to have Covid-19 insurance with a limit of 10,000 USD. After July 1, visitors do not need Covid-19 insurance, but the government still encourages visitors to buy insurance in case of bad situations.

From the beginning of June until now, Thailand has welcomed about 348,699 foreign visitors. Vietnam, India, Malaysia, Singapore and the US are the countries with the most tourists visiting Thailand during this period.

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