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With the advantage of reasonable prices, a relatively mild climate and many beautiful scenes, Vietnam becomes an ideal destination for those who love backpacking and want to learn about the interference of cultures through architectural works and impressive architecture and rich cuisine here. According to foreign tourists, there are 8 must-do things when discovering Vietnam.

1. Visiting Ha Long Bay

Spending a night sleeping on a cruise is an interesting and fascinating experience. The boat will take visitors around Ha Long Bay to discover the natural beauty of one of the world natural heritages recognized by UNESCO. Hidden in the majestic cliffs of Ha Long are beaches and caves waiting for visitors to explore.

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Activities tourists often do when coming to Ha Long are kayaking, scuba diving, swimming and relaxing in the turquoise blue water. Note, when choosing a boat tour, please find out carefully the quality of the service and the amount of money to be paid to enjoy that service.

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2. Go to the floating market

Going to the floating market is a tourist experience that should not be missed to explore and get an overview of people’s lives in the Mekong Delta. The largest floating market, the most famous one is Cai Rang floating market in Can Tho. The market operates from dawn until noon. Therefore, visitors have to get up very early (around 5.30AM) to get this exciting experience.

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For foreign tourists, going to the floating market is an attractive activity that contains many new things. Just sit still on the boat, let the boat take visitors through other boats on the floating market until you see something that catches your eye and wants to buy. Items: vegetables, tubers, fruits, eggs, meat, groceries… are sold on boats at the floating market.

3. Enjoy the mouth-watering taste of Banh Mi Phuong 

Vietnamese bread is a dish that combines with French cuisine. Crispy bread filled with ingredients, fresh ingredients will make visitors salivate. The most famous bakery in Hoi An is Banh Mi Phuong. Anthony Bourdain – America’s top chef – once gave many compliments to Banh Mi Phuong in his No Reservations show.

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A loaf of bread is not only the best “remedy” when hungry, but also very cheap. Just 1 USD (more than 22,300 thousand VND) is enough for visitors. Anthony Bourdain also suggests ordering more beer when eating bread to have a meal that is not “delicious” for about 2 USD (about 45,000 VND).

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4. Visit the War Remnants Museum

In addition to Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, the Vietnam War Remnants Museum is a must-visit address for visitors to understand more about the Vietnamese people and their resilient anti-American resistance. History can be sad, but shows the stature of the country, the Vietnamese people.

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The outer space is decorated with many military vehicles: planes, helicopters, tanks and cannons that cover the entire yard. Their size is also amazing. When visiting the indoor gallery space, visitors will see the stories of people affected by the war. The images are not sharp, but they help people understand more about the history of Vietnam.

5. Enjoy snails

Snail is a popular and easy-to-find dish in Vietnam. Just wandering on a few streets, visitors will see many roadside snail shops. The fragrant aroma emanating from the dishes of fried snails, boiled snails or grilled snails will attract and urge us to visit the restaurant to taste that attractive flavor for ourselves. Vietnamese people have many interesting ways to cook snails. From river snails to sea snails, everyone can create delicious and attractive dishes.

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6. Watch the water puppet show

Water puppetry is a unique form of culture and entertainment of the Vietnamese people, suitable for both the elderly and children. In Hanoi, the most famous is Thang Long water puppet theater. Coming here, visitors will hear puppets “tell” stories about Vietnam on the stage of a large lake.


Traditional Vietnamese music is cleverly integrated to create effects for the water puppet show. The wooden puppets become lively, flexible, lovely as they float and “dance” on the water to “tell” the history of Vietnam to the audience. Each water puppet show usually lasts for about 1 hour.

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7. Explore Cu Chi Tunnels

During the war, the Vietnamese created an “underworld” consisting of small spaces deep underground, creating an effective defense system. Cu Chi Tunnels is more than 250km long, formed in the years 1946-1948 with many tunnels interwoven underground. The tunnel system is likened to the “world in the ground” of Vietnamese revolutionary soldiers, with functional spaces such as infirmary, living room, maternity room, kitchen, storage room, and working room. …

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8. Relax in Hoi An

Hoi An – another UNESCO heritage site of Vietnam – is located on the banks of the Thu Bon River. A special feature in Hoi An ancient town is that there are no horns, no cars, motorbikes, maybe just a few bicycles and cyclos on the road. Therefore, the space here is very quiet, peaceful and fresh. Hoi An has quaint and charming alleys, very suitable for wandering tourists to explore.

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On the evening of the 14th day of the lunar calendar every month, Hoi An will not use electric lights, only fanciful lanterns, making visitors feel like going back in time to previous centuries. To foreigners, the 14th day of the lunar calendar is like a lantern festival. Visitors can participate in that “festival” by releasing lanterns on the river and watching the shimmering water surface with hundreds of floating lights. In addition, visitors can also sit on a boat, go along the Thu Bon River and see the old city and local people in a more strange perspective.

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Not only that, but Hoi An is also a paradise for foodies, where visitors have the opportunity to try their skills at Vietnamese cooking schools. Red Bridge Restaurant and Cooking School are the most favorite places for foreigners because they both enjoy Vietnamese cuisine and have the opportunity to show off their cooking skills.

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