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Referring to Thua Thien Hue, a peaceful ancient capital that everyone should try once, we often hear that we should try Hue Citadel, famous mausoleums and temples, But if you are a person who wants to explore the something new and interesting, then this place will be a definite place you must visit.

In the middle of a green hill, there is an architecture containing a beautiful art space, which is Le Ba Dang Memorial Space, also known with the full name of Lebadang Memory Space. This is a place opened in 2019, just 10km from the center of Hue city, created to display the works of the late painter Le Ba Dang in a variety of genres and themes.

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The late painter Le Ba Dang (as known as Lebadang) is a master of both East and West, who created the concept of “Le Ba Dang space”, received an award from the Saint-Louis International Institute, was one of the global celebrities in 1992 and received the Order of Literature and Arts of France in 1994. He is a talented artist in many fields of art.

During his lifetime, the late painter Le Ba Dang always dreamed of having a space to freely create and display his works, but this dream was not performed until his death by a close friend.

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Le Ba Dang space is located in the middle of a hill in Kim Son village, Huong Thuy district, around the museum is surrounded by mountains and forests and natural waterfalls, a garden with many different flowers. This place displays a lot of works from oil paintings, watercolors, to carpet paintings, steel fibers, ect., of the late great artist.

Lebadang Memory Space is located in a very wisdom location, close to prominent tourist attractions such as Khai Dinh Tomb, the center of the relic center of the Avalokitesvara monument (standing Buddha statue) Hue Nam Palace, etc. Sculpture, “Space” and installation art by the late painter Le Ba Dang are constantly renewed in terms of content and display method according to international standards.

This place consists of a main space which is a 3-storey building, solidly built, with the highlight of which is a large skylight that welcomes natural light, making this place always full of sunshine, with a very unique three-dimensional statue. There is also an underground space with a 50m long tunnel, the entrance is fitted with a beautiful reflective glass system that balances light and blocks harmful UV rays, displaying the story of the life and career of the painter Le Ba Dang.

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And what could be better when a space that is both bold with artistic breath, has great meaning to the life of a great painter, and is also a unique photography location in the middle of the ancient capital. This place has a sunny terrace, overlooking the vast sky, both a beautiful virtual living corner, and can also observe works of art with a top-down view of the garden. But please note that the policy of the museum is not to take pictures in the exhibition space, you can take pictures in the glass area facing out and in the garden and terrace.

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If you have the chance to visit the dreamy Hue, Lebadang Memory Space is so much more worthy than one tries, to enjoy a unique art space that is almost different from the city outside, understand more about the life of a world-famous painter, learn more about the art of the country and get some more artistic photos.

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