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Mrs. Nguyen Thu Hang / CEO & Founder

I love exploring new destinations and new cultures, I feel it is a way of opening myself up to new ways to think about the world and new ways to interact with people.

When I travel, I love mixing up off the beaten track adventures on parts of the trip, with a beautiful hotel or restaurant experience – why not experience all the aspects that the destination has to offer!

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Mr. Tran Van Tuyen / Co-Founder & CMO

Over the course of 4 decades on this beautiful planet I have been lucky enough to travel to many places, in many different group settings (solo, as couple, as a family and in groups of various sizes), and in many different styles (hitch hiking, camping, hostels, driving, multi-week treks to name a few).

Recently I find myself either traveling on business trips for AFS Travel, scouting new destinations & experiences and visiting local operators in places. Isn’t this the way business travel was always meant to be? 🙂

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Mrs. Lan Luong (Orchid) / Head of Inbound Department

Hello! This is Orchid from AFS Travel. You could see my love for travel and to explore the beauty of life and nature shine when you book tour with us. My passion to bring unforgettable travel experiences for all clients since I began my career in the travel industry in the early 2000’s.

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Mrs. Huyen Nguyen (Kate) / Head of Operation Department

I am Kate Nguyen – Operation Manager. I started my career in tourism 15 years ago. I has found myself in love with helping people organizing their trips. Having a lot of experiences and a great knowledge of all destinations, I made all the trips safe and enjoyable for all of our clients.

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Ms. Hue Hoang (Lily) / Inbound Sales Department

This is Lily – Sales inbound department. I have been working in travel industry for 10 years as a travel consultant. If anyone knows how to plan your perfect trip, it’s me. I love to travel to explore the destinations’ beauty and culture as well as to explore myself.

Quynh Anh
Ms. Quynh Anh (Queenie) / Inbound Sales Department

Hi There! I am Queenie. I am here to make your experience with AFS Travel smooth, memorable, and full of positive adventures. Living in Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam, I prioritize traveling near and far while adventuring around our local areas as often as I can. I enjoy exploring the different environments and cultures while finding new opportunities and connections.

Mr. Thanh Le (Tom) / Operator Inbound Department

I’m Tom – Operator Department. I got more than 10 years experience in operation department for Inbound market. I’m active. I like work related to human beings and arranging travel services is my favourite.

Tung 1
Mr. Tung Dinh (Peter) / Operation Department

Hi, I am Peter. I have always been passionate about traveling and meeting new cultures and languages. I believe travel is an essential part of our ability to connect and relate to people. If we can make it easier for someone to step out of their comfort zone, we’re that much closer to getting them to understand how other cultures live, eat, and think.

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Mr. Duong Tran (David) / Transport Operation

Hello, my name is David. My job is a transport operator at AFS Travel. I want to make our passengers feel safe, fun and comfortable during their trip in Vietnam. I hope you will get wonderful experience with people, culture, history at every beautiful place you come.

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Mrs. Van Vu (Vicky) / Operation Department

Hi, I’m Vicky from Operation Department of AFS Travel. I have a long and diverse background in tourism, and my heart is deeply embedded in Vietnam for every angel of Vietnam’s nature and landscapes. I know this destinations well and my passion is make sure you will have the most amazing customized journey for individuals or small groups, based on my knowledge and personal experiences — but fitting your travel style.