Responsible Travel

AFS Travel is committed to Responsible Travel. We aim to promote Responsible Travel Experiences which facilitate mutually enriching encounters between our guests and local people, benefit local communities and contribute to the conservation of endangered animals or habitats

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Acting Responsibly

Our efforts to protect and conserve our world fall under two approaches. The first, Acting Responsibly, is our commitment to improve the sustainability of our own operations. You can’t create change without taking action — so that’s what we’ve done. If you want to make sure your next trip follows these guidelines, all you have to do is travel with us!

Creating Positive Impact

Creating Positive Impact is our second approach to responsible travel. These initiatives focus on leaving the right impact in the places you visit with us.

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Supporting sustainable partners

We are committed to establishing respectful, fiar, truthworthy and mutually beneficial long- term partner relationships. We strive to work with partners who support community and conservation projects, minimize their environmental impact and treat their staff fairly!