Myanmar – poetic land of tranquility

Untainted by global modernization, Myanmar is the diamond in the rough, hiding the poetic intricacies and sublime beauty of an ancient land. Myanmar appears as a dreamy land full of sacred pagodas interspersed with rustic village sceneries. The skies of this country are covered in a serene blue, dotted with colorful hot air balloons, giving us the special experience when traveling to such a pure and splendid destination.

Located at the western edge of Southeast Asia, Myanmar shares borders with Bangladesh, India, China, and other South-East Asia countries. Close proximity to many different lands of different cultures results in the unique blend of cultural influences that can take you on a roller-coaster ride through many different places. Tourists can see the religion-instilled lifestyle in many famous Buddhist golden pagodas or the religious mix of Buddhism with Hinduism and indigenous animism.

Closed off to the world for decades before becoming gradually open to global modernization, Myanmar gives us a sense of untouched beauty that stands out, even in South-East Asia, a place of exotic cultural diversity. When in Myanmar, tourists feel like they are traveling back in time to a land of mystic customs and otherworldly beauty.

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