Thailand – the world-famous destination

Best known for its mouth-watering cuisine and the exotic culture, Thailand also offers one of the most spectacular sceneries in the world with pristine beaches and emerald waters, alongside majestic high lands and educational archaeological sites. Coming to Thailand, tourists are awed by the friendliness, politeness, and gentleness of the people here. This heart-warming hospitality leaves an indelible impression of a very welcoming country that is open for any tourists.

Taking the inspiration from many other cuisines in South-East Asia, Thailand’s culinary sparks special elements of exotic ingredients and one-of-the-kind cooking methods, making the most authentic gourmet experience tourists will ever have. In some special tours, our local chefs will walk you through the Thai-styled cooking methods to explore the unique ingredients such as fish sauce or hundreds of kinds of herbs.
Thailand gains international renown for its thousands of temples and pagodas as Buddhism is a major religion. Within one city, you can sense not only the natural abundance of energy from the most cosmopolitan streets but also the conventional magnificence of temples and palaces.

While the daylife of Thailand represents the formality of a Buddhist country (over 70% of the population practicing), the nightlife of Thailand symbolizes the vibrant and chaotic indulgence. By visiting the exotic culture of Thailand, especially in the nighttime, tourists can start to understand the cultural traits of Cultural reproduction, which is very popular in Thailand.

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