This statement applies to AFS Travel Vietnam processing of personal data whether you are a customer or use our newsletter service. The responsibility for processing lies with the company, with the general manager.

We are also the data processor for all information, with the exception of the payment solution with credit card and the newsletter service.

Purpose and type of information
We collect the information from you as a user in order to provide you with the services we offer. In the case of newsletters, it is your e-mail we need to send you relevant information. If you request an offer from us, there will be contact information and names of travelers. If the offer becomes an order, in some cases information is obtained about passports if we are also to assist with a visa or this information is required for airlines that are used (depending on the destination and current regulations, eg the USA).
Why we need information from you

Most of the information is collected from us by entering into an agreement, where you as a customer book a trip or want a quote on a trip. This does not apply to newsletters, here you as a customer will register yourself as a recipient for this service.
All information is provided voluntarily by you who use either by phone, e-mail or on forms on our website. We do not collect information about you as a user from others.

Disclosed the information to others
The information we get from you as a customer are used only for what is necessary for us, but in some cases it will be shared with others. Names and contact information are included in all bookings on flights, this is required by the airlines and must be made available to them. Your information is also available in the ordering system of Amadeus Scandinavia as long as your order is active, approx. 2 weeks after returning home. The same applies when booking a hotel or country event through an agent or directly at the hotel. Here, there are also names and in some cases contact information such as mobile that is handed out.

In rare cases where agents arrange visas or airline tickets on site, passport information must also be submitted to the agent.

Deletion and storage
Information collected from you as a customer or user is stored primarily in our CRM system. Deletion of contact information and travel information is done after 10 years from the end of the trip. Passport information will be deleted automatically upon return, unless otherwise agreed.
Subscribers to newsletters are stored with a third party, MailChimp, here the e-mail address is deleted when unsubscribing.

As a user or customer, you have the right to demand access to the information we have stored about you. You can also demand that information be changed, or that the information we have about you be deleted. In the case of newsletters, this is done by the user himself, unsubscribing also means that e-mails are deleted. Note that deletion of you as a customer can only take place after 5 years after the invoice is issued, as this must be retained in accordance with the Accounting Act. All other information can be deleted upon request immediately upon return.

Your information is secured in the best possible way by focusing on data security and through good attitudes among our employees. Access control, logging, deletion of unnecessary information and the use of external partners on network security are mentioned as important measures in the company.
Data processing agreements are entered into with all our suppliers who on certain occasions may be granted access to our IT systems.

Contact information

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