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According to the regulations of the Vietnamese state, foreign citizens who want to enter our country must apply for a Vietnam visa (except for cases where they are exempted). The following article is 4 important information related to this type of visa.

Why is Vietnam visa important?

Vietnam visa, also known as Vietnam visa, is a “ticket” for foreign citizens to enter Vietnam for the purpose of working, traveling, studying abroad, visiting relatives, investing… If a foreigner fails to present his/her passport and entry visa to Vietnam to a government official, it may be considered illegal entry and will be fined according to regulations.

If foreign citizens are exempt from Vietnam visa, they only need to submit their original passports valid for at least 06 months from the time of entry.

Foreigners need to apply for a visa to enter Vietnam

Foreigners need to apply for a visa to enter Vietnam

What types of Vietnam visa are there?

Vietnam visa for foreigners includes 21 main categories such as: LD, LD2, DN1, DN2, DL, DH, DT1, DT2, DT3, DT4, TT, VR, SQ, NG… In addition, it can be classified Types of visas according to the purpose of entry, duration or number of entries, specifically, types of visas for entry to Vietnam classified by purpose have some common types:

– Tourist Visa (DL)

– Business and business visa (DN1, DN2)

– Work visa (LD1, L22)

– Visa to visit relatives (TT, VR)

– Investment visa (DT1, DT2, DT3, DT4)

– Student Visa (DH)

– Electronic Visa (EV).

Symbols and duration of Vietnam visa: 

  • DT – Issued to foreign investors in Vietnam, with a term not exceeding 5 years.
  • DN – Issued to people who come to work with enterprises in Vietnam, for a period not exceeding 12 months.
  • LD – Issued to people entering the workforce, with a term not exceeding 2 years.
  • DL – Issued to people entering tourism, for a period not exceeding 3 months.

Vietnam visa issued to people entering tourism

Vietnam visa issued to people entering tourism

Types of visas by number of entries include single-entry visa and multiple-entry visa. Foreigners who apply for a Vietnam visa to enter multiple times will be allowed to enter and exit Vietnam many times during the duration of that visa:

– Visa 1 month entry 1 time

– 3-month single entry visa

– 3-month multiple entry visa

– 6-month multiple entry visa

– Visa for 12 months with multiple entry.

4 Important things about Vietnam Visa application procedure 

To apply for an entry visa to Vietnam. AFS Travel would like to send to you the conditions to make Vietnam visa as follows:

1. For foreigners, the conditions to be granted a Vietnam visa are:

– Have a passport or a valid international travel document.

– Having agencies, organizations and individuals in Vietnam invite or guarantee. Except for the case of Vietnam visa issuance at the visa-issuing authority of Vietnam abroad.

– Not in the cases that have not been allowed to enter the country.

– In the following cases, when applying for a visa, documents proving the purpose of entry are required:

1. a) Foreigners investing in must have papers proving their investment in Vietnam;

2. b) Foreigners who practice law in Vietnam must have a license to practice law,

3. c) Foreigners who come to work must have a work permit

4. d) Foreigners entering to study must have a written receipt from the Vietnamese school or educational institution.

How to apply for a Vietnam visa?

How do foreigners apply for a Vietnam visa?
How do foreigners apply for a Vietnam visa?

There are 2 popular ways to get Vietnam visa, which are:

Option 1: Apply for a Vietnam visa at the Vietnamese consulate in the host country. However, this will take more time and complicated paperwork.

Option 2: Apply for a Vietnam visa through a reputable Vietnam visa service company. After that, foreigners only need to receive a visa card at the border gate of Vietnam’s international airport or at the Vietnamese consulate in the host country. However, to apply for a Vietnam visa in method 2, foreigners need to have an entry letter.

Procedures for applying for an entry visa to Vietnam at the Immigration Department

To apply for an entry visa to Vietnam at the Immigration Department, applicants are required to have an inviting or sponsored individual, organization or business. Applying for an immigration letter is the first important procedure that needs to be done.

Step 1: Apply for a visa to enter Vietnam.

Foreigners or guaranteeing individuals or businesses only need to provide basic information such as:

– Full name, Date of birth,

– Passport number or color scanned copy of passport,

– Date of entry,

– Place of receiving visa,

– Some sample forms upon request.

The company specializing in immigration services will prepare documents to apply for Official Letters at the Vietnam Immigration Department. After the application is approved successfully, the service unit will send the entry approval letter via email to the foreigner or the individual or corporate sponsor.

Step 2: Do procedures for visa stamping at Vietnam international border gate.

When receiving the Official Letter of Entry, foreigners need to prepare documents including:

– Original passport

– Immigration letter (printed)

– 02 pictures 4×6

– Vietnam Visa Application Form

At Vietnam’s international border gate, foreigners pay the fee and paste the visa to enter Vietnam.

How much is the visa application fee to Vietnam?

Find out about Vietnam visa application fee

Find out about Vietnam visa application fee

When doing the procedures for applying for a visa / extending a Vietnam visa , the fee for applying for a new visa or extending a visa for foreigners is a compulsory fee to be paid to the Immigration Agency / Diplomatic Mission. of Vietnam abroad, this fee is specifically as follows:

+ Visa is valid for one time: 25 USD/ one.

+ Issuing visas valid for many times:

  • Valid for up to 3 months: 50 USD/piece
  • Value over 03 months to 06 months: 95 USD/piece
  • Value over 06 months to 01 year: 135 USD/piece
  • Price over 01 year to 02 years: 145 USD/piece
  • Price over 02 years to 05 years: 155 USD/piece.

In addition to the mandatory state fees, foreigners need to pay additional fees such as application preparation fees.

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