Son Doong Cave – Vietnam’s natural wonder is featured on Google homepage

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Today April 14th, 2022, Son Doong cave in Quang Binh, Vietnam – was officially discovered in 2009 as the world’s largest cave – is featured as Google’s Doodle on Google homepage of 17 countries and territories, including: Vietnam, Virgin Islands (US territory), UK, Sweden, Greece, Singapore… On this occasion, the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism is coordinating with Google, Quang Binh Department of Tourism and Oxalis Adventure to promote the beautiful Son Doong and Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park as a kick-start of tourism promotion for Vietnam post-pandemic.


Majestic Son Doong promoted in 17 countries and territories

Today, Doodle Son Doong cave is featured on Google’s homepage to celebrate the day this majestic and largest cave on Earth was officially discovered on an expedition by the local farmer Ho Khanh and a group of the British Cave Research Association. Doodle Son Doong recreates the legendary scene of the giant doline located further inside the cave. The breathtaking limestone forms and different shades of wild forest greens are lit up under the sunbeams. The giant sinkhole allows sunlight and rainfall to nourish the ecosystem of the primary forest, which is home to various creatures such as squeaking bats, and howling monkeys. The whole first-growth forest that is strongly growing right in this majestic cave will continue to amaze any Son Doong visitors, even professional explorers.

Son Doong’s admirers can view this Son Doong Doodle on Google homepage across 17 countries and territories: Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Greece, Guatemala, Honduras Republic, Mexico, Moldova Republic, Romania, Singapore, Sweden, Thailand, Virgin Islands (US territory), and United Kingdom. This is how Google has been showing support for Vietnam’s culture – cuisine – attractions and promoting them to the world.

Son Doong cave – One-of-a-kind natural wonder in the world

Son Doong cave was certified by the Guinness World Records, World Records Association as the most extensive cave globally, with 150 meters by width, 200 meters by height, and up to 9 kilometers by length. Son Doong cave is nestled in Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park – the largest national park in Vietnam covering an area of around 1,233km2 (~304k acres) . Phong Nha – Ke Bang is dubbed as ‘cave kingdom’, as besides over 350 caves were discovered, here not only you can find the world’s largest cave but also the world’s 3rd largest cave – En. One can check in both caves in one trek expedition, when En cave is chosen to be the first checkpoint on the first day of 4-day Son Doong trek.

Known as “the king of caves”, Mr. Howard Limbert – one of the very first BCRA’s members that discovered Son Doong cave in 2009 – stated: “I was fortunate to have explored 700 caves throughout Vietnam, and 350 of them are in Quang Binh. And it’s really something to discover the largest cave in the world only in this 21st century. Imagine you found a taller mountain than the Everest. [..] I believe Son Doong is unique and not yet fully studied. Big caves do have clouds in large chambers but to have jungles in the cave and its own weather system – I think Son Doong is pretty unique. There are new species to be discovered by the scientists… We hope in the near future to bring experts on plants and bats to study as there is still a lot of work to be done. The final underwater section is still to be completed.”

To explore and witness this majestic world’s natural wonder, ‘explorers’ will experience a combination of adventure sports in one expedition, such as forest trekking, stream wadding, hiking, and even kayaking during the rainy season… that requires some reasonable physical strength and trekking experience. In the past 5 years, Son Doong cave has welcomed 3,500 visitors to explore the cave; Oxalis Adventure – the sole Son Doong expedition tour revealed.


(Photo: Oxalis Travel)

Beside Son Doong doodle, Google has promoted iconic Vietnam’s culture, cuisine and destinations in the past, such as Banh Mi doodle, Phở doodle, Hoi An ancient town doodle as a commitment to promote Vietnam to the world.

Souce: Vietnam Tourism Board.

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